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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Ask the sexual health expert: “Are there physical benefits to sex?”

It’s pretty well known that sex (with yourself or others) is a great stress-reliever, but are there any other health benefits? Our expert dishes.

Vegan on the cheap: 10 tips for eating plant-based on a budget

Eating vegan on a budget is more attainable than it seems. Take a look at these recipes and tips to learn how.

Drowning in distractions? Find your focus with this 4-7-8 breath meditation

Our world is full of distractions—and it doesn’t help that literally anything on the internet is more interesting than that paper you have to write. Reclaim your mental focus with this guided meditation.

How to make friends after pandemic isolation (and avoid social burnout)

Making new friends at college after more than a year in isolation might feel intimidating. Use these tips to dust off those social skills and reconnect with your peers.

Emerging research on MDMA, LSD, and psilocybin for PTSD treatment

Traditional therapies for PTSD can sometimes be limited in effectiveness, which has led researchers to explore alternative methods such as psychedelic-assisted therapy. Although more research is needed, these new treatments have shown promising results.

Ask the professor: “Do you have any tips for reading academic journals that use unfamiliar words?”

Struggling to read an academic paper that's full of jargon and difficult concepts? Use these tips to make your research go a little smoother.

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